General Lab Equipment

Auto Level Telescope

Approx Price: Rs 23,000 / Piece(s) 

Durable, Dependable, High Value Auto Levels:

  • 3 Models - 32x, 28x and 24x Magnifications
  • Rapid, accurate and stable automatic compensation
  • Ultra - short 20CM (7.9 IN.) Focusing
  • All weather dependability
  • Clampless, endless fine horizontal adjustments


AT-B2 High-precision model:

  • Magnification: 32X
  • Objective Aperture: 42mm
  • Accuracy: 0.7mm
  • Minimum Focus: 20cm
  • Protection: IPX6
  • Weight: 1.85


AT-B3 (Versatile model for surveying, engineering and construction )



  • Magnification: 28X
  • Objective Aperture: 36mm
  • Accuracy: 1.5mm
  • Minimum Focus: 20cm
  • Protection: IPX6
  • Weight: 1.7kg


AT-B4 (Economical model for engineering and construction )


  • Magnification: 24X
  • Objective Aperture: 32mm
  • Accuracy: 2.0mm
  • Minimum Focus: 20cm
  • Protection: IPX6
  • Weight: 1.7kg

Auto Level Digital Display

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Piece(s) 

We offer 2LS Auto Level Orion Topcon. Anybody can see the height and distance automatically. In addition, anybody can get the height difference without your calculation.

We provide the convenient construction tool with the following specifications:


  • Auto level orion + -24X CNA
  • High Accuracy ±2MM
  • Working Range 0.9m-30m
  • Rugged body I P55
  • Light Weight 1.3kg
  • Long Time Operation 120h

Automatic Topcon Orion Plus

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Piece(s) 
2LS marks a new market concept in the laser tools business. 2LS incorporates products, sales and marketing material into a self-explaining platform. Products that are high quality positioning tools that bridge the gap between "do-it-yourself" laser gadgets and industrial quality laser and surveying instruments used on large construction and civil engineering projects And material around the products that ensure minimum time effort in understanding the possibilities, applications and unique selling points via various modern marketing methods.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 2LS

Automatic Laser Level

Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Piece(s) 

The handy measuring tool is designed to instantly measure distances, lengths, heights, clearances, grades and to the calculation of areas and volumes. The measuring tool is suitable for measuring indoors and outdoors. With just one touch of a button it self levels, then the long-range beam creates a rotating plane of accurate control over your job site.

Features of Automatic Laser Level:

  • Accuracy ±2MM at 20m
  • C-Cell Battery Power Supply
  • Working Range 300m
  • Long Time Operation 60h
  • Automatic Self Leveling
  • Eye Safe Infrared Beam
  • Amnia& laser is easy to use by arrow and sound

we are authorized dealer for top con Automatic Laser Levelfrom Gujrat Region.

Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Piece(s) 
Computerized Universal Testing Machine offered come backed by latest technology support and come with computerized electronic working support and finds use in industry sectors like petroleum chemical industry, printing and packaging, tape, textile fiber, pharmaceutical, food industry and others. Further, these allow testing of all types of materials, semi-finished products and others. Some of its features include can handle multiple tests including tensile, compressive, pulling, bending, tear, peeling and others; testing done as per industry standards like ASTM, JIS and others; computerized electronic functioning support, offering high-accuracy performance.

Spring Testing Machine

Approx Price: Rs 48,000 / Piece(s) 
Spring Testing Machine offered find use in meeting the quality testing demands of springs and come with support of real time display indicating position as well as motion state. Further, the system also provides support for visual display of measured information, display of test standards and test results in real time condition. Some of its features include completely reset function, superior data management function for providing printing and statistics of test results; can automatically test all types of spiral springs; support export/import of testing standards and procedures; printing of query testing results.

Impact Testing Machine

Standard Package - Optional Accessories

Approx Price: Rs 23,000 / Piece(s) 

Standard Package/ Optional Accessories

  • Diagonal Eyepiece DE16 (AT-B2)
  • Diagonal Eyepiece DE22 (AT-B3/B4)

We are authorized dealer for top con Standard Package - Optional Accessories from Gujrat Region

Hot Air Oven

We are offering a wide range of hot air oven.

Muffle Furnance For Lab

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of muffle furnance.

Conditioning Chamber For Lab

Approx Price: Rs 20,000 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of conditioning chamber.

Swatch Cutter

Approx Price: Rs 65,000 / Piece 
We are offering a wide range of swatch cutter.

Lux Meter- Digital

Approx Price: Rs 1,300 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of lux meter-digital.

DB Meter

Approx Price: Rs 3,100 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of DB Meter.

Melting Point Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 4,300 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of melting point apparatus.

Weighing Scale For Lab

Approx Price: Rs 3,500 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of weighing scale.

Water Bath

Approx Price: Rs 8,000 / Piece(s) 
We are offering a wide range of water bath.

Food Grain Digital Moisture Meter

Approx Price: Rs 9,200 / Piece(s) 
Seed/Food Grain Digital Moisture Meter

Engaged in offering a wide range of food grain digital moisture meter.

Automated EDM Test

Approx Price: Rs 65,000
With the largest EDM inspection facilities in China, it ensured that the measurement accuracy of GO WIN Total Station is at a constant 2 + 2ppm.

Fatigue Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine

Approx Price: Rs 84,000 / Piece(s) 
Torsion Testing Machine offered can be made available in different functional capacities of 200Nm to 5000Nm and find application in areas like torsion testing of metal as well as non-metal specimens. Further, these provide for maximum torsion testing versatility and come with loading and weighing capabilities and allows for determination of torque load of a specimen as well as its behavior under conditions of continuous/intermittent torque loading in both directions. Some of its features include variable speed drive loading system, digital control and indicating system; micro computer control for easier operation handling, servo motor drive for high performance of whole system.

UTM Mechanical Machine

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Universal-Testing-Machine
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